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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Forres Park jam

Forres Park jam
Originally uploaded by mike e.bop
A long torturous (but scenic) drive throughthe middle reaches of the Blue Mountains yielded to the lovely Forres Park hostel, complete with own coffee farm.
these guys certainly had ahd their coffee - and they needed it. They're shooting a sries called Jazz 876, about the local improvisd music scene. he shoot continues tonight at Christopher's Jazz Cafe in the financial district of New Kingston

Friday, July 13, 2007

Karen Smith Red Bank

Karen goes to Red Bank

Jamaican songstress Karen Smith takes her combination of smooth sophistication and sprightly energy to Red Bank
, New Jersey (where the legendary Count Basie spent his formative years before finding stardom in Kansas City) on
Wednesday, August 1, when she weaves her unique blend of jazz, pop and reggae on the stage of the Two River
A chart-topping act and winner of numerous accolades for her vocal artistry, Smith says she will bring the spirit of
Jamaica to the US east coast, where she is a relative unknown.
Smith has long been a musical force to be reckoned with. She holds a total of nine Jamaica Music Industry awards,
and has earned her fervent fan base with the warmth and clarity of her vocal stylings and her easy mastery of musical
genres ranging from pop and jazz to reggae and R&B.
The proceeds from this year's concert, her second local appearance, will benefit the Parker Family Health Clinic and
the Red Bank Family Support Center.
The Red Bank Men's Club, the Pan Hellenic Council of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and the Red Bank Education
and Development Initiative are jointly sponsoring this year's concert.
Showtime for the Aug. 1 event is 7 p.m.