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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Pine 'Stays Fresh'

British saxophonist Courtney Pine, who is of Jamaican parentage, recently completed a world toour in support of his current album Devotion. The saxman capped the tour in London.

Pine is laos at work on material for his next album, schedulked for Summer '05 release.

see www.courtney-pine.com for more


roylearning said...

Monty Alexander is also of Jamaican parentage.


Roy Evers

Patricia Sterling said...

Hi There "jazzofonik",
I finally made it over here to "see" what you were doing!
Thanks for the visit and the comment at my blog awhile back :)
Your point that Art is an evolution - a process . . .makes the catagories
more troublesome than they are already.LOL
Great Picks here, and good analysis :)
Thanks for the visit.
Patricia Sterling