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Monday, August 15, 2005

Nicole Henry Hits the Road

Vocalist Nicole Henry begins her tour tonight in San Miguel,
Mexico to perform four concerts between August 11-17.
Returning to the states for four days, Nicole will be a
featured artist on the CD 101.9 FM stage in New York City
at the Harlem Day Concert, Sunday, August 21st, being put
on by the Discover Harlem/Harlem Chamber of Commerce. Next
it's off to Asia for seven concerts, to reinforce why Japan
named her “Best New Jazz Artist of 2004.” There Nicole will
be backed by the Eddie Higgins Trio on two, sold-out concerts
at the COEX Theater in Seoul, Korea August 23rd and 24th f
ollowed by dates in Tokyo (August 26 & 29), Nagoya (August 28).
Nicole Henry will also share the bill with the likes of Nicholas
Payton and Eric Alexander at the Tendo Jazz Festival, Tendo,
Japan on Saturday August 27th performing jazz standards as heard
in her top-selling CDs, The Nearness of You (#2/HMV, Japan) and
Teach Me Tonight(#1/HMV, Japan), a collaboration with the Eddie
Higgins Trio.. For a direct link to Nicole's concert listings
go to: http://www.nicolehenry.com/.


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