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Friday, September 02, 2005

Top Spins - Sep 02

Our prayers go out to the folks of N. Orleans
- where jazz became jazz - and the Gulf coast.

My Top Spins for this period:

Herbie Hancock - Possibilities: Hancock Musci/Hear Music
a mutli-guest showcase that fluidly moves through rock,
blues, funk and pop with few missteps;

Charlie Peacock - Love Press Ex-Curio: Runway Network
A great modern jazz session from one ofthe most
prolific and lauded Chritian songwriters of all.
With great stints from Ralph Alessi(trump.) Jeff Coffin
and Ravi Coltrane (saxes); Joey Barron (drums) and
Kurt Rosenwinkel (guitar) among others. My pick of
the week.

Ginetta's Vendetta - La Dolce Vita: Kickin' Wiccan Music
trumpeter/vocalist/songwriter Ginetta Minicchielo
and her varied lineup run through some pop-jazz
originals and a funkafied adaptation of My Funny Valentine

which brings me to...

Miles Davis -the best of the Quintet 1965-68: Legacy/Sony
All September long, I'll be paying tribute to the
"Dark Prince" climaxing ina special all-Miles Jazzofonik
X-perience CD party at the Deck

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