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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New year

yes, its already 11 days old, but not too late to say happy new
year to friends of this blog.

Lots of developments as ireferred to in my last msg.
Most notably, the jazzofonik X-perience is no longer at
The Deck. More on that soon.

The first jazz in the Gardens for the year was a disappointment
see my review in the Jamaica Observer(jamaicaobserver.com)...

...of which i am now Entertainment Editor (since Dec 01 2005)

Air jamaica jazz & blues coming up - nestor Torres
Bo Diddley among the now customeary battery of R& B pop
stars past and current. Stay tuned for more.



Anonymous said...

Michael..I wanted to seek your help on a matter regarding Jamaican jazz artistes..outside of this blog forum. I tried emailing you on the address attached toyour blog but it bounces. I can be reached at tresip@yahoo.com.

Walk good and looking forward to hearing from you.

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