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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

music wrap

The past weekend wasa good one for music and for Jamaican musicians
On Friday, in fronto of the historic Devon hOuse mansion, guitarist
Maurice Gordon led a smokin' quartet in support of an equally
smokin' featured act,. Francine Reed out of the US. with Gordon
were COurntey Sinclair on keyboards, Glen Browne on electric bass
and Tony 'Ruption' Williams on drums (approrpiate)
Also excellent on that show were singer Myrna Hague and the
Jmaaica Big band, led by by Sonny Bradshaw
On Sunday, pianist/keyboardist Kathy Brown had with her Desi Jones
on drums, Aeon Hoilett on bass, Denver Smith on percussion and
Seretse Small on guitar. The band stole the show from the
featured vocal acts

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