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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tuesday nights at Christopher's

Two consecutive weeks of greatl ive improvisation at Christopher's
jazz cafe.
last week it was drummer Jubba White , along keyboardist peter James
and bassist Dale Haslam who brought the fire.

This time aroundk, it was steel pan player Dean Peart who along
with fast-rising drummer Akil 'Red Bull' karram, bass man
Aeion Hoilett, keyboardist jerome Tulloch and gutiarist/music
director Seretse Small who thrilled appreciative crowd with
latin and folk-tinged playing that got couples off their
feet - captured by the cameras of Television Jamaica (TVJ),
hopefully for broadcast on the popular ER - Entertainment
Report weekend magazine.
Coming uo this tuesday, a apsecial birthday concert for Small

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