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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Moonlicks @ Lyme Key

Moonlicks - Ginetta & more at Lyme Key
Jazz First
by Michael 'Jazzofonik' Edwards
Sunday, February 04, 2007

Whether it was the full moon or just the novelty of a new location, a fired-up Maurice Gordon Trio
(Dwayne Livingston on bass and Chris Tyrell on drums with Gordon on guitar) backed an equally fired-up
Ginetta - known to Jamaican jazz aficionados as Ginetta's Vendetta when she plays with her own band, on
Tuesday night at the Lyme Key restaurant and bar.

Ginetta, here on her fourth visit, said she can't get enough of Jamaica. "I love everything - the weather, the food,
the great talent you have here, and just the people. Everyone is so warm and you've always been good to me everytime
I come."

Jamaican hospitality put Ginetta in a sufficiently good mood to duet with special guest Strangeah Cole on his classic
Bangarang, her pocket trumpet notes and sly vocal asides, a delightful counterpoint to Cole's raspy straight-ahead
delivery. As Strangeah himself was apt to bellow throughout the night, feels good!

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