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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Danish Whirl - the first mistake

So, it's weeks after the intro, and we're almost into April
Anyway, I received one day an email form a Danish musician
named Tommy Hoeg inhquiring about performing in Jamaica
and specifically about playing the Deck, an open-air lounge where
atthe time I was spinning Jazz CDs (more out of compulsion than
any commercial consideration - I had previosuly done it at Devon House)
Anyway, I said great, send me some music which he did (this arrived
sometime after our first exchange and after fialures to open the Mp3 files
he sent previously.
I replied afer hearing the EP that I'd love to have him and his gorup
but would have to seek sponsorship. This being agreed, I approached the
Danish consulate here in Jamaica -Mistake #1. They referred me to a contact
who, after several unsuccessful tries, Igave up on without renewing the
contact with the consul or apprising Tommy hOeg of the situation
- Mistake (big mistake) # 2. Neither did Ishare the developments with any
of the people I knew in the music business locally. I was so utterly convinced that
I could 'work this out' on my own (BIG BIG Mistake) that I plowed on into the
next phase of this misadventure.
Of course, you know that's for the next post.

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