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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Jazz According to Luke

The Tuesday night Music series at Christopher's in the Quad
continues to provide an interesting smorgasbord of music and
promising new talent;
On our previous visit, we were impressed by a young drummer who
displayed tremendous speed nad power and withthe right guidnace
and some restraint, could emerge asa premier musician.

This past Tuesday night, it was young pianist Luke Dixon (Jazzofonik
remembers his final year cocnert at the School of music)who served
notice that quality improvised music was alive & well at Christopher's.

Supported by Deleon 'Jubba' White on drums and Alves Reid on bass, Dixon began
appropriately enough with Miles' Freddie Freeloader, given that his pianism
displays a discernible touch of Wynton Kelly in additon to some Oscar
peterson influence.
A meandering All Blues (with Akil 'Red Bull' Karram sitting in on the drum kit) was perhaps the only misstep in a delightfully varied programme that took in
pop and even mild classical in addition to jazz

Definitely a musician worthy of wider recognition.

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