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Monday, November 24, 2008

'The Musicman' is honoured in Miramar

Sonny Bradshaw honored in South Florida

MIRAMAR - The 800-seat Miramar Cultural Arts Center was officially opened last Sunday (Nov. 16) with performances by Jamaican music legends, Sonny Bradshaw O.D., and saxophonist, Dean Frasier, at the Caribbean Jazz Gala.

Miramar City Mayor, Ms. Lori Moseley said that it was important to crown the US $20 (m) Art Center’s opening with the Caribbean Jazz Gala indicating that Miramar City was home to a large Caribbean population, including Jamaicans.

In a tribute to the musical giant, Sonny Bradshaw was honored by that City Commission with a presentation of a proclamation by Mayor Moseley for his outstanding contribution to the development of music in his homeland, as well as on the international circuit spanning some 60 years.

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