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Monday, January 12, 2009

Missed A Day, But....

The remeainder of this week's Riffin' line up awaits you

TUESDAY: A MUSICAL SAFARI: First to the Medina, of Tunis, Tunisia, in search of Anouar Brahem, whose music is as heady as the hypnotic sound of his oud. Journeying again to Mali, we find Vieux Farka Toure, the son of Ali Farka Touire.

WEDNESDAY: Celebrating an era of swing for the seniors of Jamaica, the “mom and pop” of yesteryear, with music by the Swing Masters.

THURSDAY: Samba and bossa nova, the Brazilian wave this Thursday night with Eliane Elias, and the African Flamenco singer, Buika.

FRIDAY: “ Rude Boys back In Town”, featuring Michael Franti and Cherine, who will be performing at Barack Obama’s, inauguration celebration.

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