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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jazz on the Green moves to a new lawn

For several years now, the Rotary of Spanish Town-orgnaized Jazz on the Green showcase has drawn live music loves to the middle of Cherry Gardens (in the St Andrew foothills) on a spacious residential lawn. There, music has been pleasantly mingled with amenities (a variety of meals; other booths, even auto displays) whilst the performance standards have remained high.
This year, it seems theevent has outgrown its suburban origins and has moved a little closer to midtown - although still somewhat secluded on the lawns of Kings house - thsi time on March 15
Looks like the traditional 'Ides of March' will be a good season - rather than a time to beware - for jazz fans, anda good lead-in to St patrcick's Day as well. more on this year's line-up in future posts.

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