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Monday, July 18, 2005

Author's Note

As stated, here is first bit from literary effort, Iron Lions:

This is a work of fiction.
Butthe chgaracters and the scenarios depicted in the following
pages spring from my fervent desire to present a different
reality for jazz/improvised music, first and foremost in my
home country, but also in other parts of the world where
mindless, soulless, pre-packaged pop reigns and where ignorance
is worn like a badge(or a designer logo).

Preachy, I know, but that is the wellspring of this work,
and I cannot help but acknowlegdge it.

there will always be those who for whatever reason, won't
appreciate much less be passionate about jazz. Uniformity
in musical tastes is not noly unrealistic but unwelcome.

But for too long, I feel, the balance has been tipped in
favour of the artificial(Of course, jaz isn't the only "real"
music out there, just the one I most identify with). All I
seek to do is restore some diversity, or at least a sense
of diversity.

This is a work of fiction. But the characters and
scenarios are out there, folded into the recesses
of our ephemeral pop culture.

They just need a little help to emerge.

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