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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Post no. 101 - Battle of the Bands for Jamaica

Word out of the Griot Music enterprise of guitarist/composer/
publisher Seretse Small is tha he has secured the Jamaican
franchise for the 2005 renewal ofthe Global Battel of the Bands.
Billed as the biggest live championship for popular music, the event
was first staged in november last year, involving bands from 16
countries. The websiste, gbob.com lsists only 2 rules: no covers,
and no pre-recorded music.
Small and Griot Music will put out more details shortly on
the Jamaica leg ofthe contest.

Meanwhile, under his impresario hat, Small is trying to continue
his "Art of Caribbean Music" live series, which has produced
several outstanding showcases over the past few months. "We're
trying to get [saxophonist] Dean Fraser and Luther Francois as the headliners but we're having difficulty tying Dean down to a date

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