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Monday, March 24, 2008

Africa -Brazil Redux

Last week's progs, it was discovered, had a recording flaw, So they ahve been cleaned up and represented.

MONDAY: The mastery of West African singer, Cheikh Lo, whose music encompasses, Senegalese m’balax, Zairean soukous, Fela Kuti’s , Afro-Beat, Cuban guajira, reggae and Malian Bambara music.

TUESDAY: Quincy Jones talks about his early career, and demonstrates “This Is How I Feel About Jazz”, with a group of handpicked musicians who bring his musical philosophy to life. .

WEDNESDAY: Riffin on a theme by the Blue Monk Jazz gallery, and its recent tribute to Charlie Parker, by Lester Sterling of the Skatalites.

THURSDAY: Afro-Cuban pianist, composer and producer, Omar Sosa, weaves a tapestry of music drawn from the Caribbean, South America and Africa, in his album “Afreecanos”.

FRIDAY: A musical journey that begins in northeastern Brazil, with pianist Jovino Santos Neto, before becoming “dubwize with Noiseshaper., a “dubmeister” from Austria. Visiting, Dakar, for Senegal’s famous Orchestra Baobab, before returning to Jamaica with Cedric Brooks, and the Divine Light.

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