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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tobago Jazz by boat

Yacht your way to Tobago Jazz

If you haven’t booked your flights and accommodation for the Plymouth Jazz Festival (Tobago) as yet, you’re probably pulling your hair out wondering how you you’re going to get there, and where you’re going to stay, because from all reports accommodation is booked to the hilt, and flights from Trinidad are gone! Plus the ones Caribbean Airlines recently added have been snatched up.

This happens every year, and locals and international visitors alike are left in mid-air wondering how they’re going to make it to Tobago, from Trinidad. If you’re coming from Europe or the UK, you stand a better chance of getting flights directly to Tobago. Delta Airlines also offers direct flights to Tobago out of Atlanta, Georgia. Now, for those who have to get from Trinidad to Tobago, if you were just about to plan how you’re going to camp out at the airport hoping that people don’t take their flights (so you can get their spots) or that you get on the delayed lists, STOP! We’ve found the perfect, alternative solution for you, courtesy the brilliant people at the Yachting Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT).

YSATT is offering a special where you and your crew can charter a yacht for the weekend, which will take you to Tobago, and double as accommodation. This way you can also sail around to different bays in the day, and return to Plymouth for the show at night, then hop back onboard for a lulling sleep.

For further information and to book a yacht, contact Gina Hatt-Carvalho, the Administrator at Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (Shipwright's Building, CrewsInn Marina, Western Main Road, Chaguaramas). Her telephone number is 634-4938, and you can email her at ysatt@tstt.net.tt or info@ysatt.org. Be sure to let Gina know you heard the good news from MACO

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