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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Butler's doin' it with the Blade

Jamaican jazz fans - and churchgoing ones in particular - may be familiar with Melvin Butler's emotive sax playing form his two stints (thus far ) at pal Dennis Rushton's Christ in Art & Jazz cocnert at Swallowfield Centre.

Butler, who's o nthe faculty of the Univ of Virginia, has devoted much of his time to teaching, but he made time for longtime music collaborator Brain Blade, who reassembled his Fellowship band for the new recording, Seasons of Change. The group's last album, Perceptual, came 8 years ago.

Meanwhile, word form the Christ in Art & Jazz camp was that a major talent was beign sought to add ot the roster this year, but mum's the word on who it is.
Whoever else comes, we're hoping Melvin can make it three in a row this June

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