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Monday, May 12, 2008

Ocho Rios Jazz Profile - The 4 Tenors

DIE VIER TENÖRE (The Four Tenors)

Four soloists, one instrument and totally different temperaments!

"Die Vier Tenöre" (The Four Tenors) offer a summit for the lovers of the tenor saxophone. The four protagonists come from very different musical backgrounds: Jan Galega Broennimann searches with his main band Brink Man Ship on a wiring of Jazz and Electronics, Klaus Widmer flirts with Tango-Moods in his Quintet Horn Knox, Roli von Flue dives into complex compositions with Kaspar Ewalds Exorbitantes Kabinett and Daniel Bean Bohnenblust blows the funky horn with GMF (Grand Mother' Funck). This furious Quartet meets the groovy and adventurous Rhythm Section of Hans Ermel on bass and Lukas Bitterlin on drums.

Saxophonistic high-flights far above the pitch of the tenor are guaranteed!

Line up:

Daniel Bean Bohnenblust, ts (Grandmother's Funck, Bean)
Jan Galega Brönnimann, ts (Brink Man Ship, The Felas)
Roli von Flüe, ts (Gruppe 6, Zürich Jazz Orchestra, Kaspar Ewalds Exorbitantes Kabinett)
Klaus Widmer, ts (Horn Knox, Swiss Jazz Orchestra)
Hans Ermel, bass (007 Only, Frank Sinatra Tribute Band)
Lukas Bitterlin, drums (Eliane Cueni Trio, Toy)

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