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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

RIFFIN: A Day Late, but not too short


TUESDAY: Singer, Perez, demonstrates what a leading critic says, is a special bravery to become a jazz singer. Cassandra Wilson, takes two blues to establish her difference.

WEDNESDAY: A duet by two young Brazilian musicians, Hamilton de Hollanda, a mandolinist, and pianist, Andre Mehmari. Gilberto Gil, Brazil’s Minister Of Culture, and a pop star, has a new album, “Banda Larga”(Broadband), that embraces the digital revolution.

THURSDAY: Hungarian pianist, Lazlo Gardony’s album, is called “Dig Deep”, because that is what he does, going deep for a groove of gospel, funk, and rock.

FRIDAY: Cuban pianist, Omar Sosa, returns with “Mulatos”, a meeting of cultures, a crossroads of races and traditions, a celebration of rhythms with notes and colours. Toumani Diabate’s “Mande Variations”, a virtuoso, solo Kora performance, by the world’s greatest kora player.

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