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Monday, August 11, 2008

A Baaaaad M-F bit of news : Isaac Hayes is dead

pardon the implied profanity, but I almost fell off my chair on reading an email containing news of the death of Isaac Hayes at 66. A true original.

Legendary soul music performer Isaac Hayes died this afternoon after he was
found unconscious in his Shelby County home.
A family member found the entertainer next to a running treadmill at about 1
p.m. Sunday, said Steve Shular, spokesman for the Shelby County Sheriff's
Hayes was rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead
at 2:10 p.m.
Hayes' wife, their 2-year-old son and another family member had gone to the
grocery store around noon, Shular said. When they returned, they found Hayes
Rescue workers responded to a 911 call, and they performed CPR at Hayes'
home at 9280 Riveredge in the eastern part of Shelby County, near Forest Hill
and Walnut Grove.
The Sheriff's Office is conducting a routine investigation, said Shular, but
“nothing leads us to believe this is foul play.”

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