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Monday, August 04, 2008

Look out for Riifn' and.... Wayne's A Dad

Time just did not permit the uploading of this week's Riffin' schedule, but look ofr it tomorrow, nad keep tuned in to www.newstalk93fm.com for live streams of the programme every weeknight.

Meanwhile saxist Wayne Escoffrey and wife Carolyn Leonhart are still in the post- baby afterglow, having recently welcomed first child Vaughn inot the world. But parenthood isn't slowing the jazz couple down just yet- Wayne and his Veneration band (Joe lOcke - vibes; Joe Martin - bass; Johnathan Blake - drums) will be performing - featuring the vocal stylings of Leonhart - in support of his latest release, Hopes & Dreams, out now.

More on that later. Congrats, Wayne & Carolyn

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