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Sunday, September 14, 2008

'The Larry Mac Attack' @ the Blue Monk

The only things taht will really be attacked are instruments and - more importantly - the notion that quality live music is dead in the Corproate Area. Thnaks to Herbie, Dennis et al for these great opportunities. Don't miss if you can.

Blue Monk Jazz Gallery at the Temple Hall Estate, Temple Hall will be the venue for a Sunday Afternoon Jam Session. Guitarist Earl “Chinna” Smith, drummer Dessi Jones, Bassist Professor Larry Silvera, Barry Bailey and Nambo on trombones , Ibo on keyboard and Leslie Samuels on Tenorsaxophone, will join master percussionist Larry McDonald for an afternoon of spontaneous music.
There is no cover but a contribution to instrumental rental is encouraged.

Yes, I can hear you. There he goes again with those short and sudden notices. But let us look at it this way. We have been able, at short notice, to see and hear some of Jamaica’s best international musicians since, at short notice we had Bammy Rose, Taddy Mowatt, Karl McLeod and Orville Hammond in February. We later had Lester Sterling, and just last week, Lloyd Knibb, Cedric Brooks, Leslie Samuels and, again, Lester Sterling. These are Jamaican musicians with international reputations who were visiting, mostly for personal family reasons, and on a suggestion decided to play. In the case of recently deceased trumpeter Johnny Moore ––though he lived here he played mostly for friends in private or abroad where he was much appreciated–– the one tune he performed in February with Bammy Rose was the last time we saw and heard him play.

With musicians we seize the moment because they are unpredictable. They turn up unexpectedly. They depart unexpectedly. The most adventurous among them are always ready to play. Larry McDonald is such a musician. On Friday I received a call from him that said: “I am in the Miami airport coming home for my brother’s funeral. I will be there for the weekend. Is there a way to set up a musical situation?” Well, here it is. At short notice we have an opportunity to see and hear Jamaica’s own percussionist extraordinaire, Larry McDonald.

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