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Monday, September 15, 2008


Percussionist Larry McDonald came home to Jmaica on this particular occasion to bury a brother. But after a high-sprited free-flowing jam session at Temple Hall Estate on Sunday night (of a type that the property is definitely becoming known for - even if among a few), he reunited with some musical brothers, and even made a few new ones.

The crew, assembled on short notice, noentheless comprised some of the very best instrumentalists working today, cutting across generations, with younger players like drummer Akil 'Red Bull' Karram (who's cutting his musical teeth with Lloyd Parkes among others) and bassist - and Nigerian transplant Mfonobasi easily mixing with established players like Maurice Gordon and trumpeter Vivian Scott as well as veterans like tenor saxist Leslie Samuels (whose effortlessly rich yet subtle tone reminds this writer of Joe Henderson)

With the pictures of jazz greats lining the walls all around, the band tore through ska and jazz standards alike, each player tapping into a seemingly bottomless well of inspiration as brilliant solo followed brilliant solo. It may already be hackneyed to tie in such obvious expositions of greatness to the recent Olympic triumph, but it bears repeating: we are world beaters in every chosen field. If only more of us could be privy to transcendent exercises like the Sunday set at Temple Hall. Maybe then eyes would open - in officialdom as well as the often complacent professional class - and thingswould really begin to flower.Links

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