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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

After the Storm....

After a busy weekend, things are somewhat calm on the
local jazz front. The 15th ocho Rios jazz festival
wrapped at its traditional venue, the Almond Tree
restaurant and garden, with blistering sets by the
Eric Alexander Quartet, Black Zebra and the "Philly
Posse" featuring Byard lancaster, barbara Walker and Randy Lippincott.
kathy Brown and her group also sparkled, as did returnee
Ginetta's Vendetta (at one ofthe Pegasus Jam Sessions).

those of you (Jamaicans) with dual currency credit card
and a taste for the blues should log on to randylippincott.com
and get a copy of his "Soul Monkey" a really satisfying stew
of roginals and standards with some sizzling group play.

also pick any of the albums from the Alexander quartet
(Alexander on tenor sax, David Hazeltine on piano, Nat
Reeves on upright bass and Joe Fransworth on drums. Each
have recorded extensively as both sidemen nad leaders so
your chocie may be difficult

Barbara Walker and Byard Lancaster also have excellent
recordings available.

That ends my "product pimp" post Jazz in the Gardens
renews at the Jamaica Pegasus this Sunday, Jun 26More on
that later


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