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Monday, June 27, 2005

Recommended releases

Terence Blanchard: Flow - Blue Note;
Eric Alexander: Dead Centre - High Note;
Randy Lippincott: Soul Monkey -GP Recordings

I've been playing the Blanchard disc several times
over - its great. The Alxander record was an impulse
pick-up after their smokin' live set to close the
Ocho Rios jazz festival - It took some time but the
record has definitely grown on me - A Few Miles From
Memphis and Sonrisa are my faves. Randy Lippincottt is
a bad-ass blues guitarist and (from my meeting with him
during Ocho Rios jazz) an all-round good human being. This
is a rocking good CD - Nightshade (an original), Stop Runnin'
Behind Me and Uhhh! are just a few of the highlights

for more info (in reverse order):


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