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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Every Little Thing #3

Da Vinci's Jamaican hideaway -  
  The all-inclusive lifestyle was hardly a thought during the original Renaissance
period, and the famed artist and inventor is long gone. But another type of awakening
has taken place on Jamaica's North Coast in the form of the splendid new-look (and new name)
Sandals Dunn's River Villagio Golf Resort and Spa - the 250-room property that has been given
an "extreme makeover" with very pleasant results.
The rooms are totally remodelled, some with jacuzzi baths and depending on the room category,
couples can each have a big-screen television for themselves. The Oceanview one-bedroom, for
instance, has a king-sized four-poster bed. And the high touch is matched by high tech:
Internet service available in all rooms or, if you wish to keep a check of your bill, you can
hook up to the TV monitor and have your information displayed on the screen

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