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Friday, May 19, 2006

Every Little Thing #6

This is one of my earliest credite pieces for the Observer

The Right Moment
-Sudio Art offers a look at the past

I am about midway through a conversation withthe urbane harclyde Walcott of Studio Art when her recalls
that it was one year ago to the day thatthe gallery, the only art gallery dedicated to photography,
opened its doors. "We should have had some wine or something"h e quips, not without a sense of gratification.
Indeed, Walcott, who along with photographer/owner Peter Ferguson, manages the gallery, has good reason to
celebrate. Within that 12-month span, Studio Artneatly tucked in among a plethora of office and commercial
suites along Old Hope Road, has made a clearly discernible impact on a gallery scene almost relentlessly
dominated by apinting

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