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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Every Little Thing #4 (of 10)

At Sea... and loving it!
BY MICHAEL EDWARDS Entertainment editor
Sunday, March 05, 2006

JUST getting an unobstructed view (save for the few ships inside the harbour channel)
of the expansive shoreline and cityscape of Kingston was worth getting out on what
would otherwise have been a sleepy Ash Wednesday morning.

The drawing card? Observing the ninth annual SuperClubs yacht race, in which sailboats
wend their way from the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club at Palisadoes and finish at the Morgan's
Harbour pier in Port Royal. It's roughly a two-hour journey by sail, considerably less if
your vessel (as ours, the Hayley Leigh does) depends on gas turbines rather than wind power.
Sailboats wend their way along the course. (Photos: Joseph Wellington)

Eventually, all are back on terra firma, where the fun continues. Lunch, courtesy of Morgan's
Harbour, is complemented by the breezy musical stylings of vocalist Sabrina Williams and accompanist,
Dr Kathy Brown on keybords.

Amid the trophy presentations, presided over by Morgan's Harbour chairman Neville Blythe,
there are creations from Dairy Industries (Tastee Cheese) and refreshments from Ocean Spray.

It's not the first boat back that actually wins, but rather like a motor rally or a golf game,
it's the boat which fares best after its inital time has been adjusted (depending on the handicap).

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