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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Loud Majority

Live @ Christopher's
September 4
Seretse Small & Friends

Amid an atmosphere that grew steadily more raucous -particularly
with news late thatthe Jamaica Labour Party had increased its
seat count in Monday's electoral contest, guitarist/impresario
Seretse Small and a motley crew made a vibrant noise, especially in its first
set at Christopher's Jazz Cafe Tuesday night.
Kicking off with My Little Suede Shoes, they romped thru Miles Davis' late 50s
classic So What (sounding more like it belonged in Davis' mid-80s funk-pop period)
Small, buoyed by the presence of Akil 'Red Bull' Karram and Denver 'Guinness' Smith
on drums and percussion respectively delivered some stirring improvisations on Blue Bossa and FLy Me To The Moon.
After the next set opened with Mercy, Mercy Mercy (now joined by Nicholas
Laraque on alto) the music grew more languid, in contrast to the interior volume, with adagio interpretations of R Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly and a mid-tempo
walk through CHick Corea's Spain

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