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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We're Riffin' again

Breifly lost touch with RIffin' host Dermot Hussey, but
effectively immediately (that makes us sound importantant, doesn't it)
the weekly Riffin' Rundown will be included on JazzFirst.
And even though thisweek's schedule is almost done, the lineup is
so pwoerful that I thought I'd share it with you anyway...Check it out:



MON: Unfinished Business with Max Roach. Also, “A Tale Of God’s Will”, the first in a two part programme on a Requiem For Katrina, by one of New Orleans’s noted sons, trumpeter, Terence Blanchard.

TUES: part two of “ A Tale of God’s Will”, by Terence Blanchard, trumpeter and composer from New Orleans.

WED: Two female pianists from classical backgrounds, Lisa Hilton and Helen Sung, achieve different results. Hilton’s “New York Sessions engage some of the best young players on the New York scene, while Helen Sung, a Chinese American, interprets Spanish composer, Issac Alebeniz’s “Espana”

THURS: Composer, arranger and conductor, Maria Schneider, has recorded a new album “Sky Blue”, featuring her large orchestra. The recording was made possible by the contributions of fans

FRID:African_American bluesman, Corey Harris, who is also a trained anthropologist, recorded a complete reggae album, “Zion Crossroads”, a title which he got from a road sign in Virginia where he lives. Riffin with the music of the Congolese artists Ricardo Lemvo, whose innovative music, combines Latin and African elements.

If the terms 'world beat' or 'world music' mean anything to you, DO NOT MISS
the Firday programme with Congolese Ricard Lemvo (I believe his band is called maqunina loca - crazy machine) Definitely a treat.

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