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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Kathy Brown leads frenzied life
> October transpired as a month of performances,
> interviews and peddling of CDs “out of mi car” in
> the bustling life of jazz pianist Dr. Kathy Brown.
> Performance-wise she ticked off Bank of Jamaica’s
> month end Lunch Time Concert accompanying Jamaica’s
> Lou Rawls, Maurice Charles, and a few corporate
> functions plus the University Singers Concert
> weekend.
> Flitting through the October raindrops, Kathy
> Brown recorded the O Factor, a Talk 93 FM recorded
> live muisc feature hosted by Guitarists Seretse
> Small and Steve Golding, and aired each Tuesday
> night on the Campus based radio station.
> November started off on the right note for the
> jazzy doctor with the call to the Pegasus’ Jazz in
> the Gardens’ Best of the Best 07 show set for
> December 23. A few winks after she was bright-eyed
> and sitting in the Guest Room of RJR Jamaican
> Morning duo of Alan Magnus and Paula-Ann Porter. Ten
> minutes later a dauntless Kathy Brown would survive
> François (St. Juste) riotous Friday crowd on FAME’s
> Full House Friday.
> For good measure, she also did TVJ's SMile Jamaica morning show.
> The very soon to be launched CD Mission: A
> Musical Journey is being played on Conscious Music
> radio BESS 100.5 FM in the Instrumental Record slot
> hosted each Monday, Tuesday & Thursday afternoon by
> conscious reggae music DJ Sugar Wayne.
> Well, the cat is out the bag, and Kathy Brown’s
> next stop will be Dermot Hussey acclaimed Riffin,
> heard exclusively on Talk 93 FM each weeknight at
> 8:30 pm, as the Washington DC based XM Satellite
> Radio Musicman reviews the aforementioned CD of the
> Jamaican jazz pianist. Keep watching Jazz First for
> the schedule.

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