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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ms. Gonzalez says 'No Mas'

Singer Carol Gonzalez abruptly and inexplicably ended her performance on the Thursday night Singer's Night showcase at Christopher's.
Some three songs in to the 2nd set of what was scheduled to be a three-set show,
Gonzalez said " I'll do one more then I'm gone home" and made good on her
statement after doing Etta James' 'At Last'
Needless to say, the move did not go down well with patrons.
"She mus' go back tothe bech," one disgruntled regular said. "She nuh ready
fe dis level."

With both a fledgling CD and career to promote, one wonders what Gonzalez really hoped to achieve with the walkout.

Check Christopher's this Tuesday for blues inger Robyn Banks (let's hope she stays the night)

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