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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Riffin' this week

Missed Jacky Terrason - due to launch of Francophone FIlm fest (see mini-review of that at expressionzjm.blogspot.com), but here's how the rest of the week looks.


Mon: Pianist, Jacky Terrasson, relishes the challenge of reinterpreting classic pop songs and jazz tunes, and does so cleverly in his album” Mirror” . Singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, continues her African journey.

Tues: A Riffin rewind. The Turtle island Quartet’s celebration of John Coltrane’s music. Bassist, Stanley Clark, composes and plays beautifully on “The Toys Of Men”.

Wed: Riffin with straight ahead drummer, Alvin Queen, and a tight group in overdrive.

Thurs: ‘LICK SAMBA”, with Maria Rita, Marisa Monte, and Ceu, three seductive Brazilian singers in “lick samba” mode.

Frid: As she did on “Mi Tierra”, Gloria Estafan celebrates once again her Cuban roots in “90 Millas”.

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