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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Live music review - Christopher's

Christopher's Tuesday Night Review

'Easy Bouncin' with Kamla
There was, back in the foggy past of Jamaican radio, a programme by the name of Easy Bounce, the format of which perfectly backed up both sides of the name. It was not the detestable 'easy listening' lullabies that many people seem to fall prey to, but neither was the 'bounce' so racy as to turn off those in search of musical refreshment.
That search was easily satisfied on Tuesday night as the deceptively unassuming pianist took the crowd through three sets that had enough of the 'usual' crowd-pleasers, but was unusual in the treatment of same. From I Shot The Sheriff and So Jah Say and Satta Massa Gana to the Herbie Hancock standbys, Watermelon Man and Cantaloupe Island to Mercy Mercy Mercy, Hamilton didn't so much lead her three cohorts (Shurwayne Thompson on bass, Akil 'Red bull' Karram on drums and music night Founder Seretse Small on the now familiar 'naked' guitar, with the body cut out on each side), as she held council with them, checking off changes and encouraging solos.
The final set, with its versions of David Rudder's The Hammer among others got a few feet a dancing. By nights' end, Kamla had proven that she was a worthy addition to the growing stable of Christopher's 'regulars (this was at least her third visit), not to mention to the small stage at the Air Jmaaica Jazz and blues festival - coming in two weeks.

Next Tuesday: The 'Butler' returns to Do it

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