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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To Havana & Back, via Texas

It was one of those nights - pianist luke Dixon and CO (Co. being "Jubba White on drums and Alves Reid on bass)pinch hit for an incapacitated Harold Butler, the scheduled act and - lo and behold - by the second set, no one was missing Harold.
Add the presence of Cuban percussion maestro Gilberto for a couple of magical numbers during the second set, and the presence of a busload of Texas college undergrads in the third (supposedly here on some sociology exercise - yaah, riiight) and Christopher's live showcase on Tuesday night sped toward the juke joint it was desired, if not meant to be, with spontaneous dancing and good vibes all around.
By the time the band played their last encore, a half-improvised Latin variation, even the normally ultra-cliquish folks at the back of the C-shaped power bar were getting into it, and those folks preparing to sample jazz in Mobay got a perfect mood-setter.
Of ocurse we all wish the best for the Butler, but given the great performance of his replacements, we have to say: Harold who?

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