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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Monty off Rebel Salute; final respects to Oscar beckon

Many music aficionados are mourning the death, over a week a go of piano master Oscar Peterson.
Monty Alexander, who's been establsihing his own piano legend, was closer to the giant than most and thus has acceded to the fmaily's request to perform at a memorial, thus taking him off the previously confirmed Rebel Salute show. Following is the reelase from Monty:


Dear Friends,

I have been looking forward to playing at Rebel Salute 2008 since this past May when Tony personally invited me to participate to the event.

In these last few days however, I have been experiencing a profound sense of personal loss with the passing of the great pianist Oscar Peterson, who died at 82 on December 24 in Toronto, Canada . For the last five decades Dr. Oscar Peterson was the giant and master of piano artistry in the world of Jazz, and he was my good friend. He had been one of my strongest supporters since I first met him in the 1960's. Oscar Peterson set the greatest example for excellence in Jazz not only for every pianist but also for all instruments-he played with power, force and passion. No other true Jazz artist had such an illustrious career.

I feel compelled to respond to his family's request that I perform at a special memorial concert in his honor. The concert is on January l2 in Toronto, Canada ; the very same day as Rebel Salute. This brought me considerable conflict and internal struggle because I had made a promise to my brother, Tony Rebel. I have spoken to Tony of my dilemma and I am grateful that he understood my situation; that I must be in Toronto on January 12. I do hope that those who care for my musical efforts will also understand my difficult decision.

Tornto is also the site if this year's annual conference of the Int'l Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE) nad we can be sure several tributes to Peterson will be rendered there.

Please acquaint yourself with the legacy of the Majestic Giant of music: Dr. Oscar Emmanuel Petersono II I : www.oscarpeterson.com

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