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Monday, December 03, 2007

Las' lick (for 2K7) on the Verandah

"when music hits, you feel no pain" an audience member intoned, invoking Bob Marley, and Sunday last proved a delightful 'las lick' for Friends of Jazz of 2007, being the last of the first Sunday gatehrings at the bistro which fronts Kingsley Cooper's Pulse complex on Trafalgar.
The sizaeble audience on hand (several generations) were treated to a diverse array of players - the keyboardist chair alone changed at least 3times, with trumpeter/founder Sonny Bradshaw popping in and out of the line as was his wont.
The Friends members were als ogifted with Cds and offered copies of the 17-year Ocho Rios Jazz souvenir publication.
It was especially refreashing to see - and hear - drummer Carl Mcleod, who has long been absent from a performance stage.
The atmosphere, the good turnout, the spirited performances - all augur well for the music heading into 2008.

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