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Saturday, December 01, 2007



MON: Catchy melodies and strong grooves, from organist Radam Schwartz, with sparkling players. Trumpeter, Russell Gunn, plays Miles Davis.

TUES: Jamerican virtuoso, Phillip Martin, and Jamaican virtuoso, Rohan Reid, play on each others recording. Guadelopian saxophonist, Jacques-Schwartz –Bart’s music, involves the Gwoka rhythm from Guadelope. Swiss drummer, Daniel Spahni, and several European musicians, preserve the best of Jamaican music and innovation, with Spahni’s Dub Dancers.

WED; Legendary drummer, and bandleader, Chico Hamilton, seems inexhaustible at the age of 83, and his music has an even sunnier outlook.

THURS: Sly And The Family Stone: Family Affair, a documentary about their music, and the turbulent history of a pop icon, Sly Stone

FRID: “Wild Soul”, an album by female pianist , Sunnie Paxson, features the co-producing, arranging and playing skills of Jamaican bassist Rohan Reid, who is featured next week Tuesday and Wednesday night.

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