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Friday, December 07, 2007

R.I.P. Darren Khan

Got news this morning which stopped me in my tracks.
Darren Khan, whom I had recruited (on the recommendation of Analisa Chapman and above the stern reservations of Exec Editor Vernon Davidson) as a freelance

features writer/reviewer at the Observer, was founded burned to death in Surbiton Road apartment on Thursday

Darren had issues as well as do, but during his tenure at the Observer I saw the beginnings of a maturation process that was showing first in his writing and less so but still noticeable in his overall demeanour.
I'm very saddened by his death, and I extend my heartfelt condolences to his mother, other family and friends.

"It may be easy to choose to live without Christ, but to die without Him is hell"


Anonymous said...

he wrote all the Observer articles on my sister, Katherine...basically responsible for her having a career. sigh.

Tandy said...

I was in shock at the passing of my friend Darren. We both attended UWI (CARIMAC) we also worked together at the gleaner for a number of years.

He was a talented writer and a good friend.

Sadly missed by the Kiosk Crew

Barbie Khan said...

Thank you for your condolences. Darren is/was my older brother. We're awaiting the autopsy report, however he did not burn to death as stated in the paper. He has burns on his right arm and fingers.
Darren will be loved and missed forever by all of us.

jazzofonik said...

Barbie, [and the others]
Thanks for your posts.
based on the comment in your post, are you stating/suggesting foul play?
I ask that question withthe best of intent, with no offense meant.

Barbie Khan said...

Not at all. Let's wait and see what the autopsy report says.

mommom22 said...

I never knew Darren but know and love his sister dearly. In the long run it doesn't matter whether it was natural cause or foul play, the end result is the same - the Khan family (and friends) has lost someone dear to them. To Barbie and the whole family, please remember the good times with Darren and put THOSE thoughts before all others. Physically I cannot be there, but Barbie you know you're in my heart!

jazzofonik said...

I'm definitely prepared to focus on the best - he was sharp-witted, well-read on a number of topics, eager to work and never less than respectful. A model correspondent/reviewer

Alvia said...

I first saw Darren on T.V. Schools Challenge Quiz 1988 where,as far as my friends and I were concerned, he was the star of Munroe college's team.

I saw him shine later on stage at the Phillip Sherlock Centre at the University of the West Indies.

Loved his articles

How sad that his life should end this way.

He will be greatly missed

Fan Club said...

I want his family to know that they are not alone. Others share their pain and loss

Neila Ebanks said...

I remember Darren as actor, in UDAS... in Moon over a Rainbow Shawl.

I remember Darren as journalist and arts aficionado...Always with a witty comment and a wry perspective. I will miss his presence at music's cutting edge events, and his candour in writing about them.

I will miss Darren's keen interest in and coverage of things artistic. His willingness to write an article on my endeavours to raise money for my studies was such important support at a very critical time in my life. I thank him so much.

My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.


Katrina said...

I just read about his passing from a invite for a tribute to him. My condolences to his family. He wrote an article on my performance at village, my first write up. Man.... he will be missed by everyone who knew and loved him or had the opportunity to know him through his work.

R.I.P Darren

Anonymous said...

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Ava Tomlinson said...

Darren, You would have been 41 next Wednesday and i still hurt at your passing. My cherished friend.